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Micka looked outside the window, getting lost in thought as she watched the stars past by in Hyperspace. They left the planet hours ago and everything was fine so far. She still hasn't got that locket opened and it was starting to annoy her so she left it alone before she tries to throw it out in space.

Micka also noticed that Ahsoka hasn't given her any training lately; she's just locked up in her room, looking at Holopads and Holomaps. Either that or she's talking to Senator Bail Organa. She just sighed and got up, hoping the Ghost Crew were brighten her day. She contiuned down the hall to the tube towards the Ghost ship. Once she stepped into the Ghost, she soon Ezra and Sabine talking. He was complimenting her art, well actually it sounded like flirting. Once Micka discovered it was flirting, she got a little upset and didn't like it one bit.

"Ahem" Micka said as walked past, looking at Ezra and Sabine.

"Micka" Ezra was little embarrassed, hoping she hadn't heard him flirting with Sabine.

"Hey, Micka" Sabine walked over to her "How you feeling?"

"I'm feeling better now that we're off that planet" Micka said "But I think I'm gonna throw up with the bad flirting"

Micka glared at Ezra as he rubbed the back of his neck, smiling at her.

"Anyways, Senator Bratty is going the rebellion" Micka said

"Ash?" Sabine asked

"Senator Bratty is a good name for him" Micka said

Ezra rolled his eyes at Micka's sassiness and smiled.

"Why is he going the rebels?" Sabine said

"Because he doesn't like his life being controlled by his aunt" Micka explained

"So he's joining the rebels because of that?" Sabine asked

"How can we even trust him?" Ezra asked

"Turns out Ahsoka and Bail tested his loyalty" Micka explained

"What was the test?" Ezra asked

"I don't know" Micka said, shrugging "I was eavesdropping"

Sabine and Ezra looked at each other once she said that before she spoke again.

"He better be put in a different rebel cell" Micka exclaimed "I do not want to put up with his bratty attitude and 'rebels are so heartless' stuff-Wait a minute, he thinks we're heartless and he's joining us?"

Confused, she looked at Ezra and Sabine, who were confused as well.

"Uh, okay" Micka shook her head. "That's messed up"

"That's pretty messed up" Sabine agreed.

"Hang on" Sabine said then walked out.

Micka looked down, messing with her nails until she noticed Ezra looking at her. She looked around, awkwardly then looked down at her nails.

"You still need to answer the question" Ezra said

"Hm?" Micka asked

"You still need to answer the question" Ezra said

"Uh, what was the question?" Micka asked

"What's with the kiss?" Ezra asked

"Oh, the thanks I'm giving you" Micka said, acting all girly.

"Are you sure they're just thanks?" Ezra asked

"Oh, my gosh. You're, like, so cute when you're serious" Micka said, getting into a girly post and talking is a high, feminine voice

"Okay. Seriously, Micka" Ezra said "Answer the question"

"Okay, first off" Micka said with seriousness in her voice "Ezra, I was just teasing about sitting on your lap and giving you kisses on the cheek"

"What about the kisses on the lips?" Ezra asked

"The second was a tease, too" Micka explained

"The first?" Ezra looked at her

"A thanks" Micka said "I panicked and froze once I saw that red lightsaber and Fifth Boob hovering over me like a Gundark. I wouldn't be here if you haven't come in time"

Ezra didn't say anything as she contiuned

"If you think the kiss was a point to prove to Zeb, to him it's a proven point, you're right" Micka said "But it was really a thanks for saving my life"

Ezra just stared at her once she finished speaking. He honestly didn't know what to say, he just froze.

"I-well-" Ezra started but Micka interrupted him.

"Look, I'll stop if you want" Micka suggested "I'll find another way to tease you"

"Uh, well-" Ezra started but once again

"I'm going to go find Sabine" Micka said "She's taking her time"

"Wait, uh" Ezra said.

"See ya" Micka stood up and walked off.

Ezra watched as Micka left the room without looking at him. What kind of made Ezra worry was the tone in her voice.

I never heard her sound so serious before


Micka walked past some rebels as she went by Ahsoka's room to hear her, talking to Senator Bail once again.

"Are you almost to the base?" Bail asked

"Yes" Ahsoka said "Let's just hope the Empire doesn't know it's there"

"Don't worry, Ahsoka" Bail said

"I know but sometimes, I can't help but worry" Ahsoka stated

"Hm" Bail said

"What?" Ahsoka sounded confused, Micka was confused too but kept on listening

"You're starting to sound like your master" Bail pointed out

"Oh" Ahsoka said, sounding upset.

"He was a good man, Ahsoka" Bail explained "He had taught you well"

"Yes, he was a great mentor and friend" Ahsoka said

"He would be very proud of you" Bail said

"I know, I miss him" Ahsoka admitted

"I'm sorry that he's gone but there comes a time when we contiuned our journey alone" Bail explained

"Senator Organa" Ahsoka said

"Yes?" Bail asked

"I don't think he's gone" Ahsoka claimed

Micka got extremely confused and backed away from Ahsoka's door, walking back her room.

She walked in, getting the attentions of her nexus. Micka looked at her nexus then looked down pacing around her room, her nexus watching her carefully.

"There's another jedi alive?" Micka asked.

She contiuned pacing around her room, thinking. More thoughts that could give her a headache, that's just what Micka needed. Her nexus contiuned to watch her, their eyes not leaving and watching her every moves.

"I thought Ezra, Kanan, Ahsoka and I were the only ones"

Star Wars: Suicide Squad: Ahsoka Quinn
This was so fun to draw! This is one of my best work! 😍😍

Ahsoka belongs to Disney
Suicide Squad belongs to DC comics
I wanted to do a Star Wars comic but I’m terrible at drawing togrutas and humans. Trust me, I tried drawing it myself but it was awful. I need help drawing the comic. So if you can help me, that’ll be great.
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In need of an artist!

I'm writing a fanfiction about Ahsoka and I need a cover page for it. If you're an artist or know an artist, please let me know! I'll give you the details
Micka had her device’s blade into the locket and moved it around, quickly, hoping it would open but it didn’t. Everyone was out, checking the ships before they leave. She stared at it, ticked and annoyed. She then banged it against the table, didn’t open and surprisingly didn’t break. Her nexus growled and snarled at the sound.

“Oh, sorry. Precious” Micka looked at her pets then looked at the necklace.

She grabbed a tiny clip and started digging it into the locket but it didn’t work.

“Ugh!” Micka banged her head against the table “stupid necklace”

“Micka” Sabine called

“Trying to open my buried treasure” Micka said her head still on the table.

Sabine walked into to see Micka, resting her chin on the table and repeatedly jabbed the small clip into the locket. Her nexus, who were lying on her bed, jerked their heads towards Sabine and tilted their head, silently growling. She looked at them before walking over to Micka.

“It doesn’t appear to be open” Sabine said leaning over, looking at the necklace.

“It appears I’m about to throw it out the window” Micka glared at the locket.

“Let me see it” Sabine grabbed the necklace and looked at it. She turned it around, studying it a lot.

Micka just mess with the small clip, and then flicked it. It hit the wall and landed on Blue, who lift her head and looked at Micka. Blue then jumped off the bed and rest her head on Micka’s lap, snarling.

“Sorry, Blue” Micka said, petting her head.

“There’s a carving on the back” Sabine said

“What?” Micka lift her head and looked at her.

“There are words carved into it” Sabine said. “On the back”

“Really?” Micka stood up and looked at it

“I can’t read what it says though” Sabine said

Micka then grabbed the clip off of Blue and grabbed the locket. She used to look for the carving and started moving the rust, to feel it.

“M” Micka said then carved into the next letter “I”

“Micka, Sabine” Hera called “Help me with this last set of supplies”

“Coming” Sabine and Micka said at that same time. Micka put the amulet back onto table and ran after Sabine.

While Micka and Sabine walked down the hall, they past a room where Ahsoka was talking Senator Bail.

“He agrees to join the rebellion” Bail said “He passed the test and told no one about where we are”

Micka stopped and listened carefully.

“That’s a relief” Ahsoka sighed “I was afraid his loyalty is still with the Empire”

“It appears he wants the freedom we have” Bail said “His aunt doesn’t give him that much freedom and controls his life”

Ahsoka said something but Micka wasn’t listening.

Oh, tolqual'i! Don’t tell me!

“Micka” Sabine called “Come on”

“Coming” Micka called.


Micka packed the last bit of supplies into the box and placed it in the Ghost. So many thoughts echoed in her head, so many questions, she never had a headache so painful that she actually wanted to rip her head off.

She just stood there, having her hand placed on her forehead and hoped the pain would go away but the more she questioned the thoughts in her head, the more painful her headache gets. She silently groans in pain. She stumbled back and clumsily caught herself.

I’m gonna get a migraine if I don’t go lay down

“Micka?” Ezra looked at her as she held her head “You okay?”

“I’m fine…” Micka squealed then spoke in her regular voice “Just a headache”

“You should probably go lay down” Hera said

“I was planning on doing that” Micka stumbled

“Are you sure it’s just a headache?” Hera asked

“Yeah” Micka shook her head lightly

Ezra walked up just in time to catch her as she fell. Ezra suddenly realized she was warm.

“You’re hot” Ezra said, placing his hand on her forehead.

“Thanks, I appreciate the compliment” Micka said

“No, you’re burning up” Ezra corrected himself

Okay, I’m starting to believe that it wasn’t the questions and thoughts wasn’t giving me a headache.

Hera walked up and placed her hand on Micka’s forehead “You might have a fever”

Micka shivered alittle which was the second sign of a fever “I’m fine” Micka said “I just need to rest”

“Ezra, help her to her room” Hera said

“I can walk myself” Micka stood up straight but stumbled alittle once she started walking “Okay, I might need help”

Ezra grabbed her shoulder and arm, leading her to Ahsoka’s ship. She kept her head down as Ezra walked her into her room and sat her down on her bed. Her nexus snarled silently at Ezra while he placed his hand on her forehead.

“That’s weird…” Ezra said

“What’s weird?” Micka asked

“Your fever is almost gone…” Ezra explained

“Really? My head still hurts” Micka claimed

“Maybe you should just get some rest just to be safe” Ezra said

“Okay” Micka said, rubbing her forehead.

Ezra looked at the locket, which was on the table “Did you manage to get it opened?” Ezra asked

“Nope” Micka said

“I could let you borrow my pick lock tools” Ezra offered “Those could open it”

“Okay…” Micka said, still looking down rubbing her head.

Ezra nodded at her before looking at the locket one more time then turned, walking towards the door.

“Where you going?” Micka asked, getting up.

“Out to help Hera” Ezra said “Why do you need anything?”

Ezra turned around, just as Micka grabbed him by the cheeks and perked a kiss on his lips. He looked at her surprised.

“Nope, just wanted to give my thanks for escorting me to my room” Micka then turned around and laid back on her bed.

“Okay, Micka. What is it with the kisses?” Ezra asked

Micka didn’t answer.

She just laid there, curled up into a ball. He walked over and leaned over to see her holding her head and her eyes closed.

“Okay, I’ll let you go this time” Ezra said quietly “But you better answer that question”

Once he walked out, she turned her head towards the door and laid back down, still curled into a ball. Her fever was just the heat, she’s not used to it since she was born and raised in the Undercity of Coruscant which doesn’t have sun or heat like these kinds of planets have.

What is it with the kisses?

Micka rolled her eyes and smirked once she thought of Ezra’s question.

“Yeah” Micka said and closed her eyes, saying “Like I’ll answer that”

 today Star Wars episode 8 started filming and confirmed the cast.

We have three new member of the cast (I think there's more new members): New cast members will include Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro, Academy Award nominee Laura Dern, and talented newcomer Kelly Marie Tran.

Oh, my gosh! Laura Dern played as Ellie in Jurassic Park! I wonder if she'll play as Ahsoka Tano, eh. Who knows. Maybe she will, maybe she won't. If she does that will be a dream come true for me! A Jurassic Park actor playing as my favorite Star Wars character!

(I wanted yall to know, I also hope Luara Dern plays as Ahsoka)

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Happy Valentine's Day from Micka Crsli
Ahsoka: Smile, MickaAnd It's For Anna 
Micka: I am smiling Twilight (Nervous grin) Plz 

Happy Valentine's Day Heart free avatar Happy Valentines Day Heart Love 

Micka grabbed the chain of a rusty necklace and pulled it out of the sand. Once she did, she started studying it. It was a pendant with a ruby hanging from it, next to the ruby was a crescent moon decorated with sapphire, the circle that holds the ruby and moon was thick and it felt hollow so it's a locket. The chain and locket part was formerly golden but it rusted from the water.

Micka stared at it until she remembered something. She needed to breathe. She felt deep pain in her chest and she pushed off the ground, swimming towards the surface.


They stood there, waiting for Micka to come up but she didn't.

"Is she alright?" Ezra asked, looking at the lake.

"She hasn't come up, yet" Sabine said

"I sense her" Ahsoka stated "she's still alive"

They waited for a few moments when Micka burst from the water, flipping her hair and taking a silent deep breath before collapsing back into the water. She started swimming back to shore, where the others waited for her.

"Are you alright?" Hera asked

"Yeah, I'm fine" Micka crawled onto the shore and stood up.

"What did you find?" Ezra asked

"This…" Micka lifted the necklace, holding it back it's chain "Is what the force wanted me to find"

"A necklace?" Kanan looked at it.

"Yeah, I don't know who it belongs to be whoever owned it threw it in the lake" Micka said

"It looks like it's gonna fall apart" Sabine said "Who knows how long it could have been there"

"It's also a locket" Micka said "I'm gonna try and open it but with the rust. It might take a while"

Ahsoka just stared at the necklace as Micka ran to the ships.

What does that necklace have to do with anything?


Ahsoka was in her room, checking the holomap. The lights were off, only having the Holomap as her light.

"We're almost to the abandoned base" Ahsoka said to herself "We just need to refill the ships and check for any certain damage then leave"

She marked certain planets which were bases that the clones had listed. She contiuned looking at the Holomap before turning it off and getting up from her seat. Ahsoka then picked up some holopads and started reading, she's been trying to do research on the Sith lord but not anything useful.

"It seems that every information about him and who he is seemed to…" Ahsoka said "be erased"

Ahsoka put down the holopad and picked up another one, which were the Imperial secrets that Tseebo had in his AJ^6 cyborg construct. These secret plans have been useful, they now know important Imperial plans. She picked up another one, more secret plans that Micka stole from the Empire before joining the rebellion.

Ahsoka sighed before using the Force to turn on the lights, which stung her eyes alittle. She contiuned reading these Holopads before noticing something on her small table.

That bag…that's not mine…whose is it?

Ahsoka stood up and walked towards the table, looking at familiar brown bag. She stared it, wondering where she's seen it. She remembered someone carrying it around, refusing to put it down unless no one's around her and won't let anyone hold it but herself. She suddenly remembered.


It was Micka's bag, she remembered Micka threw it on the table when Ahsoka mediating yet panicked when she heard that voice.

Her master's voice.

She remembered hearing his voice then screaming, activating her lightsaber. Micka then ran in, shouting her name and threw the bag onto table. Once Micka left, Ahsoka stayed in her room. Wide awake, couldn't sleep, couldn't meditate so she just laid there and waited for something to happen.

"I should bring this back to Micka" Ahsoka grabbed the strap and picked up the bag, only to have a holopad fall out.

It landed on the floor, turning itself on and the blue screen light up, urging Ahsoka to read what was written inside it. Ahsoka looked at it, confused as she put the now-empty bag on the table and kneeled down to pick up.

Ahsoka knew she shouldn't be reading this and was about to put it back but words on it caught her eye. She couldn't help but read it.

And what she read shocked her

This is what Micka was waiting to tell us! I can see why she wasn't ready to tell us….she's left a huge part of who she was before Zerg took her in…her parents didn't give her to Zerg when she was a baby.

a new clip for the new Star Wars Rebels episode 'Homecoming'

And I have one thing to say:

Hahahahahahaha XD

Kanan's meeting the father and he's nervous! He got their names mixed up XD

I couldn't breathe, I was laughing too hard.

Also, Numa's back. She's not a little girl anymore!

Here's the clip:
enjoy it
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Previous Chapter: Ezra got his first kiss? Oh, my gosh, it's a big day. It's a big day for our blue-haired rebel! XD

Oh, my gosh. Sabine/Ezra shippers are gonna kill me XD

Micka contiuned down the hall as she walked by some rebels in silence. Ahsoka was freaking out hours ago, she's is her room resting and hasn't been out since. Something was bothering Ahsoka, which bother Micka.

She's been thinking about her secret and she thinks it's almost time to tell everyone, she's been thinking about Zerg and wondered if she should call or visit him, she's been thinking about Ash and if he would tell the Empire, then she started wondering about the Empire.

Too many thoughts echoed in her mind and it actually started giving her a headache. They were above at one of the outer rim planets, which was both a water and earth planet. She honestly doesn't know which one it was. Micka sighed as she walked towards a window, looking out it to see a huge lake with a big river and trees surrounding. They landed on this meadow area and this planet looked so peaceful but the Force was telling her something.

Something that has something to do with her.


Micka was looking at the huge lake as the other rebels were checking out the other areas, it was so quiet and peaceful, yet, so many things bothered her and she can't clear her head. She looked to the right to see Ezra helping Hera with supplies, which caused her to smirk.

We haven't talked since I gave him my thanks; maybe I should say….in my own way

She crouched down alittle, sneaking over to him. He doesn't know she's there as she quietly snuck over to him, once she was almost there….

"Hey!" she shouted, grabbing Ezra's shoulders.

He jumped which pushed the crate forward and looked to see a laughing Micka. He blushed for a moment, remembering the last time he spoke before glaring at her.

"Hi, how you doing?" Micka laughed, happy that she scared him.

"Oh, hahaha" Ezra said, still glaring at her.

Micka contiuned laughing then took a several some breaths.

"Okay, I had my fun" Micka smiled innocently

Ezra shook his eyes, starting to smile. "Okay, yeah. You got me" he admitted

"And here we have our happy couple" Sabine teased, smiling

"Uh, I'm happy single" Micka tilted her head side-to-side, smirking.

"Uh-huh, yeah" Sabine nudged Micka, smirking.

Ezra rolled his eyes, again and walked off, pushing the crate.

"So was that kiss really a thank you?" Sabine asked

"Yup" Micka answered, honestly.

"Hm, okay" Sabine said then pushed a crate.

Micka smiled then sensed something into the Force, telling her to look at the lake. Which she did but didn't walk towards it. Something is in that lake and Micka is so unsure is about finding out.


It was a beautiful sunset and Micka was sitting near the water, trying to ignore the Force telling her something.

"What are you doing?" Sabine asked as she, Ezra, Chopper, Zeb, Ahsoka, and Hera and Kanan walked up to her.

"The Force is telling me something is in the lake" Micka explained "But I don't know if I should go find out"

"Micka, if the Force is telling you something then go answer it" Ahsoka said "You should go find out what the Force wants her to find"

Micka looked at her then at the lake.

"You should always answer the Force" Kanan encouraged her.

"Yeah, maybe you should go find out" Sabine said.






More Silence

Micka turned and looked out at the lake in front of her as the sun started setting in the horizon. Maybe whatever she has to find can help her.

"Or is the kitty scared of the water?" Zeb asked, smirking.

Micka turned her head, narrowing her eyes at him. She hates being call those kind of names, making her look soft and girly.

"You just pushed my limits" Micka whispered threateningly while glaring at Zeb then stood up, walking past them.

Micka closed her eyes, clearing her throat before turning around and opened her eyes. She started running really fast with the Force's help. Once she zoomed past the group, she force-jumped with all her might.

Ahsoka started backing up which got Sabine and Hera's attention and started backing up as well. Soon Kanan backed away. Before Zeb and Ezra could back up…


Micka landed in the water as a medium wave and soaked Zeb and Ezra. Ahsoka, Sabine, Kanan, and Hera got soaked alittle.

"Hey, Zeb" Ezra said "How about next time, don't push her limits"

"Third time, I did it you got a kiss" Zeb smirked

"Yeah, yeah" Ezra said "It's not me saving her life"


And don't call me Kitty

Micka caught herself before getting steady and started swimming. She loved swimming, it felt like she was in a whole different world and is just for her.

Fish swam past her as she practically glided through the new watery world around her. She seriously had no idea what she's looking for.

She contiuned swimming, starting to need air but she had to continue. She knew she had to.

Okay, surrender to the Force…

She closed her eyes and stopped swimming.

The Force is my guide….It will lead the way..

After a few minutes, she still need to breath and she suddenly knew where to go.

She started swimming again and went deeper into the lake until something shiny caught her eye.

Micka smiled, knowing she found what she was looking for and swam towards it. She reached out her hand to pick it up and knew it was something that shouldn't be underwater.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and some readers talked to me, worried about me doing more than the kiss. I only do hugs, kisses, and sometimes cuddling.

What did Micka find? Is something that will help her or show her something she doesn't know?

Find out in the next chapter.

The New Rebel
Another drawing of Micka Crsli. I hope you like it, I used an abandoned sketch that my cousin made and made it into this. It's actually completely different from the sketch, I don't know how I pulled it off. Kawaii Papyrus Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) 

I hope you like it Hatsune Miku-06 (Smile) 

Love yaHatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 

Ezra blocked and pushed Fifth Brother away with his lightsaber. Ahsoka managed to knock out Seventh Sister and ran towards Micka, who was shocked and confused.

"Micka, come on" Ahsoka grabbed her arm and helped her up.

Micka looked at Ezra before running towards Kanan, Ahsoka ran to Ezra's help. She force-pushed Him away and nodded at Ezra, telling them to go. They both ran into the ship.

Fifth Brother got up and tried to follow them but was force-pushed by Micka. The Ghost already took off as Ahsoka ran to the pilot seat and started the ship. Micka contiuned using the Force to keep Fifth Brother away as the ship started taking off, she force-jumped onto the ramp as it closed.

Fifth Brother looked at Seventh Sister as she started coming to just as the ships took off.


They made it to one of the Phoenix ships and The Ghost docked onto it. Ezra went on sat down as Micka walked past him, Zeb and Sabine walked to Ezra as Micka stopped at hallway, looking at her helmet.

"Ugh, I can't believe I froze" Micka said to herself "When I saw that, it reminded me of…"

She stopped there, not wanting to finish that sentence. She just stood there, quietly and stared at her helmet until she heard Zeb slamming on the table.

"You're cheating!" Zeb exclaimed

"I'm not" Ezra said

Chopper rolled into the hallway as they contiuned arguing.

"They're playing Holochess, again?" Micka asked

"Whoop, whoop, waa" Chopper said

"Are they always like this?" Micka kneeled down in front of Chopper.

"Whoop, Whoop" Chopper answered "Whaa, whoop, waawa"

"Really?" Micka said

"Whoop, whoop, waap, waap, whoop-whoop" Chopper explained

"What do you mean they argued about me one time?" Micka asked

"Whoop!" Chopper exclaimed as he showed her a hologram

It showed Ezra, watching her leave and Zeb nudged Ezra and laughed.

"What?" Ezra looked at Zeb,

"Face it, kid" Zeb laughed "That kiss on the cheek and her sitting on your lap is the closest you'll get to a girl"

Ezra glared at him as he contiuned laughing but stopped when Hera glared at both of them.

Hera then left and Zeb nudged him again "Micka is only teasing you" he said "She's too aggressive for a guy like you anyway. Probably too scared to flirt"

Micka narrowed her eyes and looked at the doorway to the Holochess table "Hm, that cheek kiss wasn't close" Micka said then stood up "I'll show him 'close'"

Chopper followed her as she walked into the room, she glared at Zeb and Ezra. They were silence and stared back, awkwardly.

"So you think that kiss on the cheek was close, Zeb?" Micka asked

"Uh, what?" Zeb said then noticed Chopper behind her.

"I'm sorry but I haven't give Ezra my thanks for saving my life" Micka smirked at Ezra.

She walked up to Ezra and grabbed him by his cheeks then smashed her lips on his, closing her eyes. Ezra's eyes widen once she did as Sabine and Zeb watched in shocked while Chopper blocked his eyes.

They stood like that for several minutes and Ezra needed to breath. Micka gently, yet, quickly broke the kiss and smirked at the blue-haired boy.

"Just so you know I never do this so you'll be the only one" Micka said in a calm, quiet voice "Consider this as a thank you for saving my life"

Micka then placed her hands on the table then looked at him, then pointed her point finger up, making the number one sign.

"And that's one I owe you" She said then smiled

She looked at the shocked faces then walked off "See ya, guys"

"Whoop, Whoop?" Chopper uncovered his eyes and looked at the shocked faces of Ezra, Sabine, and Zeb.

"Hm, that was unexpected" Sabine said then walked off.

Chopper spun his head and followed Micka down the hallway "Whaaaaaaaaa!"

Ezra's shocked face then turned into a smirk as he put his arms behind his head, resting on his hands. He then looked at Zeb.

"What did you say about that kiss on the cheek only being the closest thing to a girl?" Ezra asked

"I honestly didn't know she would do that" Zeb said.


Micka was walking down the hall of the ship, grasping her bag strap tightly. It was quiet and calm as she went down to her room.

But once she walked past Ahsoka's room, she heard a scream and lightsaber humming. Micka's eyes widen and burst through the door. Ahsoka was kneeling down with her deactivated lightsaber, taking deep breaths.

"Ahsoka!" Micka tossed her bag onto the table and grabbed Ahsoka's arms, which caused her to flinch. "Come on, come on"

Micka helped Ahsoka up and onto the bed, Micka then sat the foot of the bed at Ahsoka sat in front of her. Ahsoka rest her head on her hands, taking deep breaths and started to calm down.

"You okay?" Micka asked

"I'm fine…" Ahsoka took a deep breath.

"What happened" Micka asked

"I was just mediating when I heard a voice" Ahsoka explained

"Do you know whose voice?" Micka said

"No" Ahsoka said softly "I don't"

Micka scooted over to her and gently grab Ahsoka's arm, giving her this encouraging look and gently smiled. Ahsoka smiled softly back then spoke:

"Sorry if I startled you" Ahsoka said

"More liked worried" Micka stated "Was the Force trying to tell you something?"

"Maybe" Ahsoka answered "Or someone was trying to talk to me through the Force"

"W-who?" Micka was confused "I didn't even know you can do that"

"I don't know who" Ahsoka explained "And if you have a close relationship to someone, the Force creates a bond between you and the person. You can communicate to them through the Force and if they're force-sensitive, they'll communicate to you"

"Oh" Micka said then looked at Ahsoka "You going to be okay?"

"Yeah, I just need to sleep" Ahsoka said "sorry to worry you"

"No need to apologize" Micka stated "It was my choice to come to you when you needed someone"

Ahsoka and Micka smiled softly at each other but Ahsoka's smile soon vanished "Where did you learn those moves?"

"What moves?" Micka asked

"The fighting moves you used when we were fighting the inquisitors" Ahsoka said "I never taught you those and I know a smuggler would never know those moves. They are moves, jedi use"

"It's the thing I'm not ready to tell you" Micka explained "I don't know when I'll be ready"

"You'll know when you're are" Ahsoka placed her hand on Micka's shoulder "Take all the time you need"

Micka smirked "Am I supposed to be comforting you?"

"Don't ruin the moment" Ahsoka said

It was quiet for a minute or two until Ahsoka shuffled and laid down as Micka got off the bed.

"Sleep well" Micka whispered then walked off.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry XD. I just had too. I was thinking about Micka's kiss on Ezra's cheek while I was looking up Ezra on Disney Wikia. It said he was inspired by Luke Skywalker and I remembered Leia kissing Luke and the lightbulb light up XD.

Was Micka really proving a point to Zeb or she was using that as an excuse?

I hope you enjoyed this chapter

Micka jerked awoke to Corvo's growling and Rebel tugging on her shirt. She sat up and looked at them. Blue and Corvo were snarling at the door, fur bristled up and their teeth showing and drooling. Rebel soon joined them, snarling as well.

"What…" Micka swung her legs and sat at the edge of the bed. That's when she sensed it, the two presences she sensed when the Ghost was caught in the Tractor beam. Micka's eyes widen slightly as she ran up and opened the door, the nexus snarled as they ran out towards the ramp of the ship.

"Ahsoka!" Micka banged on the door.

It was few minutes and Ahsoka walked out, looking tired "What is it Micka?"

"I sense presences and my nexus are snarling" Micka explained "Someone's here"

Ahsoka didn't say anything as she closed her eyes, Micka sat there quietly and stared at Ahsoka. Ahsoka then jerked her eyes and looked at Micka.

"Get your lightsabers" she ordered then took off down the hall.

Micka didn't know what was going on but obeyed, running into her room and grabbing her lightsabers that were on her nightstand. She leaped out of her room and contiuned down the hall. As she went towards the ramp, she heard lightsabers. She stopped at the ramp to see Ahsoka fighting a Mirialan while Kanan and Ezra fight an unknown species.

Are these…Sith lords?

Micka watched for minute or two.

No, they're inquisitors

Ahsoka leaped, blocked, and force-pushed the Mirialan. Micka watched in shock and surprise as Ahsoka contiuned fighting her.

When will she teach me those moves?

Micka waited for the right moment then force-jumped over at the Mirialan. The Mirialan looked up and blocked Micka's attack as she force-pushed her away but Micka caught herself by stabbing her lightsabers into the ground. Micka then blocked her attack and force-jumped over her landing next to Ahsoka.

"Hm, I see you got an apprentice" the Mirialan said

"Careful" Micka said "My bark is worse my bite"

The Mirialan looked at her before spinning her lightsaber, Micka stared at it surprised before she and Ahsoka blocked her attacks.

Micka and Ahsoka pushed her with all their might, the Mirialan stumbled back, yet, caught herself. She leaped and swung at Micka but the young girl was quick, Micka blocked and felt the heat from the red blade as they both pushed forwards. Ahsoka was quick and leapt to help her padawan, the Mirialan ducked.

Suddenly, blasters came from the Ghost as Hera, Sabine and Zeb shot at the inquisitors.

"Who are they?" Micka asked as she fought the Mirialan.

"They're known as the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister" Ezra answered leaping from The Fifth Brother.

"It is so nice to meet you" Seventh Sister exclaimed sarcastically as she swung her lightsaber at Micka but she blocked.

Ahsoka force-pushed Seventh Sister as she flew and rammed into Fifth Brother. They collapsed as they got surrounded. They slowly got up before swinging their lightsabers as the rebels jumped and dodged away.

Micka then force-jumped towards Fifth Brother and side-kicked him in the face. He landed with a thud but didn't get up as Micka landed gently next to him. Seventh Sister glared at her before swinging her lightsaber again, Micka blocked with ease and forced the lightsabers up then swung her lightsabers at her. Ahsoka was studying Micka's fighting skills which were amazing but she also was trying to find out where she learned those.

"But now's not the time" Ahsoka said to herself before leaping to help. "Kanan, activate my ship. Hera, get the Ghost, the rest of you go with Hera!"

"But we could help" Ezra started running towards them

"Don't be the hero right now" Micka swung her lightsabers at Seventh Sister

"But-" Ezra said

"Ezra" Kanan said "Let's go"

They nodded before running opposite directions, Kanan and Ezra went running to Ahsoka's ship as the rest into the Ghost.

Micka and Ahsoka blocked and attacked the inquisitors, distracting them. Seventh Sister continue to fight Ahsoka as Micka began fighting Fifth Brother.

Micka contiuned blocking his attacks and force-jumps around, trying to confuse him and perfect time to attack. He swung his lightsaber, trying to strike her but she kept dodging and jumping from place to place. Micka swung her lightsaber and sliced his armor. He contiuned randomly swinging his lightsaber, missing her.

"Ha. Too slow, Fifth Boob" Micka smirked at him

"Argh!" he swung his lightsaber at her but she jumped

"You should be in last place then Fifth" Micka stated

He swung at her again

"Too slow, too slow" Micka shouted

He swung at her again

She swung her lightsabers, slicing another part of his armor

"Jeez, I can see why you're the Grand Inquisitor" Micka exclaimed

He glared at her

"I was a student at the academy" Micka said "I saw the Grand Inquisitor and he looked stronger and better then you and Seventh Sissy"

Fifth Brother growled and contiuned swinging but she blocked and jumping around.

Fifth Brother then stopped, watching her as she jumped around. He screamed, which sounded like a roar and force-pushed Micka hard.

Micka squealed and landed on the ground with a thud, rolling to a stop. The scream and Micka's squeal got Ezra's attention when he reached the ramp. He turned, noticing Micka laying on the ground and Fifth Brother walking towards her, swirling his lightsaber.

"Ezra!" Kanan called as he ran towards Fifth Brother.

Micka sat up with her knee to her chest and hair covering half her face, she looked down for a minute confused before noticing Fifth Brother.

He swung down


There is a reason that I'm having Ezra save Micka, you shall see in the next chapter!

P.S. for those who don't know: Boob means a foolish or stupid person.

Micka gave the Inquisitors personal nicknames

Hope you enjoyed this chapter

"You?" Micka exclaimed

"You!" Ash said

"Why can't you just get out of my life?" Micka asked

"I was going to ask the same thing about you" Ash stated

They contiuned to glare at each other until Ahsoka gently placed her hands on Micka's shoulders and pulled her aside as Hera walked up to them.

"Kanan, why is he here?" Hera asked

"He was following me the whole time" Kanan said "I caught him right when he figured out where the base was"

"Great, another problem " Zeb exclaimed

"Yeah, I just wish this problem would just go away" Micka glared at Ash.

"You didn't lead him away when you saw him" Hera pointed out

"I was distracting him" Micka defended herself

"So what are we going to do with him?" Sabine asked

"I could take care of him" Zeb said cracking his knuckles

"No" Kanan said.

While everyone was talking about what do to, Ahsoka looked at Ash and gently narrowed her eyes, thinking. Micka noticed Ahsoka looking and was confused then realized that Ash was looking at her, which made her uncomfortable.

"He stays here until we leave" Ahsoka said

"What?" Hera said

"He stays here until we leave" Ahsoka explained "So that way he won't tell anyone we're here. He doesn't know where we're going"

"Good point" Kanan said then looks at Ash "Well, kid. You're staying with us for a while"

"What?" Ash exclaimed "You can't keep me here!"

"We can" Zeb said as Kanan tied his hands together "and we will"

Micka rolled her eyes and walked with Sabine back to the Ghost as Kanan took Ash and placed him near the crates.

"I can't believe he's here" Micka exclaimed

"He's that annoying?" Sabine asked

"He thinks the Empire is the good side" Micka explained "He thinks he's better because his aunt's a senator"

"He was raised by the Empire" Hera said looking at the girls "They will put lies in his head to make him loyal only to them"

"I knew it" Micka said "They already rotted his brain"

"Micka" Hera said "Most people have their beliefs, we shouldn't judge them for that but if they're going down a bad path. We must help them by showing them the truth that lies beyond"

"With the way, he's acting" Micka nodded towards Ash "I don't think that'll do anything. We're different. He's an imperial and we're rebels, different, opposite sides"

"We are same in a way, Micka" Hera said "It's our beliefs that are different"

Micka looked at Hera but didn't say anything as she contiuned working on the supplies. Ahsoka walked up to Kanan as he ordered Zeb to watch Ash and walked away.

Micka who was helping Sabine and Ezra, saw them whispering each other before Ahsoka said "We're heading back to Lothal"

Did they-?! Ash is right there!

Ash heard what they saying and looked around once Zeb growled at him. Micka shook her head and contiuned to help with the crates. Micka was lost in thought as Hera's words echoed in her head.

"We're the same" Micka said quietly "That's what Nima used to say a lot expect she said it in her language"

"Zerg? You here?"

"Yes, Nima. I'm in the kitchen"

"So how was the smuggling-Oh, who's this?"

"Nima, this is Micka Crsli. Micka, this is Nima. A friend"

"Wow, are you a twi'lek?"

"*chuckles* Yes, I am. *sarcastically* what gave it away?"

"You don't look like a human"

"We may not look the same, Micka but we are more similar then you think: gan ohk ji kih"


"It means we're the same. Micka. Nima is saying that on the outside we may be different but on the inside we're the same"

"He's looking at you" Sabine said quietly.

Micka turned just as Ash looked away. Micka raised a brow before turning to Sabine.

"Are you sure he's not looking at you, Sabine?" Micka asked "I mean you are more attractive than me"

"He doesn't think so" Sabine smirked

That unlocked another memory of her and Nima.

"Zerg is looking at you, Nima"

"Oh, is he now?"


"Are you sure he's not looking at you? You're cuter then me"

"Uh-uh, he's looking at you"


"Are you two a couple?"

"Wha-no, but to keep it between us. I find him quite the handsome guy"

"You like him!"

"Hm, maybe"

"Nooo, say yes or no"

"Just maybe"

"Micka" Ahsoka called, getting her out of her thoughts.

"Yes, Ahsoka?" Micka asked as she walked up to her.

"Can you watch Ash for a little bit" Ahsoka asked "Kanan needs to borrow Zeb for something"

Micka rolled her eyes "fine"

"Thank you" Ahsoka said kindly

As Zeb and Kanan walked off, Micka came and sat on the crate in front of Ash. Ash didn't seem happy well, Micka wasn't either.

"Is he your father?" Ash asked

"What?" Micka glared at him

"That man" Ash looked at Kanan "Is he your father?"

"No" Micka answered "I don't know my father"

"Mother?" Ash asked

"Nope" Micka said

"Siblings?" Ash asked

"Uh-uh" Micka said "Why are you asking so many questions?"

Ash looked down and didn't say anything. Micka scoffed then looked away, it was quiet for minute or two until…

"I never knew my parents either" Ash confessed

"What?" Micka looked at him

"My parents are always away, I was raised by my aunt" Ash said "That staff was the only thing I have from them"

"Oh" Micka said "Oh…Hera was right…"

"What?" Ash asked "Right about what?"

"That we're different, yet, the same" Micka smirked "gan ohk ji kih"

"What? We? The same? No" Ash said "We're completely different!"

"On the outside, yes" Micka nodded "But on the inside, we're exactly same"

"We're not same" Ash snapped "I'm an Imperial, you're a rebel. Enemies, different"

Micka stared at him until she noticed Ahsoka walking up to them "Micka, I think Ezra should guard him. It's time for training anyway"

Micka walked up to Ahsoka and followed her into the forest. Micka turned to see Ezra walking over to guard Ash. She looked ahead and smirked

Gan ohk ji kih

Another Chapter of this story for today. I'm writing chapters for other stories now. The we're the same thing is a Lion Guard reference. I like that song.

Micka sensed all the presence the Force shows her; she sensed Sabine's, Ezra's, Zeb's, Kanan's, Ahsoka's, and couple of people in the town. She felt the wind blew her hair as she contiuned to focus, keeping her eyes closed.

Let the Force be my guide…Surrender to the Force

Micka felt the presences move around her as she heard echoes of footsteps. She breathed calmly and got into position.

She quickly dodged as Sabine tried to tackle but collapsed on the ground instead, Micka then jumped over Ezra and onto Zeb then quickly off as they both also failed to tackle her. As Micka landed, she quickly dodged as Kanan jumped towards her. She landed, yet, force-jumped as Ahsoka ran towards her. She contiuned to dodging their attacks until Ahsoka raised her hand, signaling them to stop.

"You're getting better, Micka" Ahsoka said as Micka opened her eyes and looked at her.

Micka sighed before smiling and spoke "Better isn't the word that comes to mind. I would call that amazing"

"You still need to trust in the force" Ahsoka said "I sensed your tense, doubts and hesitation"

"Try dodging people with your eyes closed" Micka suggested

"Micka, the whole point of this exercise is to put your trust in the Force" Ahsoka explained

"I'm sorry, I just can't trust something I don't understand" Micka said

"The Force is the Galaxy's biggest mystery, yet, it's best not to understand" Ahsoka told her

"Yeah, yeah" Micka said walked past them and back to the base.

Ahsoka sighed and the rest followed her back to the base. Hera was working on the Ghost and Micka's nexus were guarding Ash. The wind blew hard as Micka, with Ezra and Sabine by her side, walked towards the Ghost.

Ahsoka stood by Kanan as she watched Micka walk off, she looked down and started to get lost in thought but Kanan spoke, snapping her out of it.

"Something bothering you?" Kanan asked

"hm?" Ahsoka looked at him "Oh, well. I now know how my master felt"

"about having a padawan?" Kanan asked

"I'm trying but something is wrong" Ahsoka explained "It seems something is distracting her"

"Having a padawan is difficult but like Master Yoda said 'It's a great honor for a Jedi Knight to train the next generation'"

Ahsoka looked at Micka as she talked to Ezra and Sabine "When it comes to combat, I don't have a lot to teach her. She's already skilled at it but she needs to understand the Force" Ahsoka stated "She wants to find out its secrets but she needs to understand that the Force's secrets are meant to stay mysteries"

"I'm sure she'll out grew that curiosity" Kanan said

"I hope so" Ahsoka looked down "Because that curiosity is one of the things distracting her"

"What's the other thing?" Kanan looked at her, curious

"To be honest, I don't know" Ahsoka answered

Kanan looked at her, confused then looked at the trio as they just sat around talking. Micka was getting along with everyone fine, being best friends with Ezra and Sabine.


"What did you do when you left home?" Sabine asked, standing up with Ezra sitting on a crate next to her

"Well, at first I didn't want to leave" Micka confessed, sitting on one crate and leaning against another in front of them "But once I go to sleep, I have dreams about this boy…"

Ezra and Sabine looked at Micka in shock as she contiuned "I would wake up in my dream and no ones there but me and that boy…..he had glowing eyes and when he spoke….his voice echoed" she looked down…..saying that I have to go meet him…that's I'll meet him in a place I'll be soon….he then reaches out his hand and encourages me to take it. I'll take it….then he grasps it hard and starts to glow. I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let go" Micka looked at her hand then turned it into a fist "He then says he'll be waiting and I wake up"

Ezra stared at her in complete shock: that was my dream expect Micka was the one was glowing eyes!

"What did the boy look like?" Sabine asked

"I couldn't see what he looked like" Micka answered "Just that had he two scars on his cheeks and blue hair"

Once she said that, Micka then smirked at Ezra, who was still in complete shocked and winked.

She knows I'm the one in her dream

Micka then stood up and looked at the sky.

"That dream" Micka said "Showed me that there's more out there for me and my journey wasn't over. There was something out there calling me"

It was silence for a minute or two until Ezra spoke

"I guess the Force destined out meet" Ezra said

"I guess so…" Micka said, smiling and sitting back on the crate.

"Well, that's good" Sabine said, playfully punching Micka's shoulder "It's nice to have another girl my age around"

Micka smiled and looked at them then at the rebels around her. Suddenly, they heard growling and snarling.

They ran out to see her nexus chasing a now free Ash as he ran into the forest. They ran out.

"Nexus!" Micka shouted

"Micka, call them off!" Ahsoka ran to them "They'll follow him to the town"

Micka looked at her before letting out a sharp whistle. The nexus looked at her then ran towards her.

"Great…" Micka sighed "He escaped and he knows where we're going…"

"Not to Lothal" Ahsoka said

"Wait, what?!" Micka looked at her

"Then where are we going?" Ezra asked

"You'll find out" Ahsoka turned and walked off "Tell Hera we can leave"

Ezra, Micka, and Sabine looked at her then at each other and shrugged. Sabine ran to the Ghost with Ezra following her and Micka ran after Ahsoka into their ship.


Micka was in her room with her nexus lying on the floor, asleep while she lay on her bed, looking at the ceiling.

She remembered how she would look out the window, seeing people and vehicles going by. She would count the stars and watch the weather change as her life went on. She then started having those dreams about the boy, which was Ezra. She then realized her journey wasn't over and would just look at the sky.

Telling me that my journey doesn't here on the city-covered planet that I call my home. There's more out there in the Galaxy past those clouds.

That's what she would think when she looked out that window in her old room. Now she's here, she answered the call and now she's where she belonged.

She then fell asleep with a smile.

"We need to leave fast" Hera said once Micka told her about the inquisitors.

"Where would we go?" Ezra asked

"We could go to one of the old Republic bases that Rex told us about" Sabine suggested

"It seems like the only choice we have" Ahsoka said "I'll contact Commander Satos and send the locations of one of the bases to you"

"I'll come with" Kanan said

Micka watched as Ahsoka and Kanan left the Ghost, hearing her nexus growling as she walked past them. Her nexus were now guard nexus, guarding the territory in case the Imperials ever come in here.

"Micka, who was the boy you encounter?" Hera asked

"Ugh, Senator Ash?" Micka said in a mocking accent "The nephew of Senator Shellie Rowan and an uncouth, little brat"

"Micka" Hera said in a warning voice

"What? He's annoying…" Micka said in her regular voice

"Well, he reminds me of someone" Zeb muttered which caused Micka to glare at him.

"Micka, focus" Hera said "You're scouting until we get everything ready to leave, if you see the boy lead him away and if you see Stormtroopers, well, you know what to do"

"Ugh, fine" Micka rolled her eyes and put her helmet back on.

Ezra watched her as she stood up and walked off, putting her blaster in her cover and clicking her lightsabers on her belt. Once she left the Ghost, Zeb nudged Ezra and laughed.

"What?" Ezra looked at Zeb,

"Face it, kid" Zeb laughed "That kiss on the cheek and her sitting on your lap is the closest you'll get to a girl"

Ezra glared at him as he contiuned laughing but stopped when Hera glared at both of them.


Micka was in the trees, checking for Imperials as her nexus scouted the area below her. She sighed of boredom, jumping from tree to tree.

"I'm bored" Micka said then jumped down in front of her nexus. "I don't sense any presence"

She contiuned to walk past the trees, looking around. She then felt it.

"Well, expect one presence" Micka said quietly

"Hey!" She heard a voice behind her.

Micka turned around once she heard it "oh, you"

"You sound like you didn't miss me" Ash jumped from the rock he was on and looked at her.

"Does it look like I missed you" Micka glared at him

"It's hard to tell" Ash said in a calm voice, which surprised Micka.

Micka tilted her head towards her nexus who were behind her, growling and snarling at the stranger in front of them.

"I already know what you look like" Ash pointed out "Why still hide your face under that thing?"

Micka contiuned to stare at him but didn't remove her helmet. Ash looked back at her then smirked

"Don't wanna show weakness, I get it" Ash said

"I never show weakness to an enemy" Micka said

"Oh, I'm the enemy?" Ash asked

"Ask everyone in the Galaxy and they'll say the Empire is the enemy" Micka smirked

"The Empire is the reason the Galaxy is safe" Ash stated

"Oh, take the credit that rightfully belongs to the Rebel Alliance" Micka exclaimed

"The Rebel Alliance caused chaos" Ash snapped and walked towards her.

Her nexus growled but Micka snapped her fingers and they were silent. Ash was right in front and glared at her, Micka tilted her head at him, looking confused.

"What?" Ash was confused

"Oh, nothing" Micka said "I'm just trying to figure out if the Imperials really did rotted your brain or that you're just a dumb blonde"

Ash's widen eyes then glared at her "You did not just call me that"

"I know it's a name for girls but it suits you a lot" Micka smirked

Ash gasped silently before glaring at her. She straighten her head then asked "Um, if we're going to fight then why did you come?"

"That's none of your business" Ash snapped

"Well, then if you have no business being here then go" Micka said, turning around

"What?" Ash said

"I mean, this isn't your forest" Micka said, walking off with her nexus following her "It belongs to me so I suggest you leave before I mess up that pretty face of yours"

"This is my forest" Ash snapped "I came here to escape my aunt's blabbering and I won't leave because you 'own' this place!"

"Hm, none of my business yet you told me" Micka smirked

Ash realized that then snapped at her "Why, you-"

"Uncouth, little brat?" Micka said "Heard before expect you're calling the wrong person that"

They contiuned to glare at each other until Micka heard someone calling her.

"Micka!" it was Kanan.

"Micka…" Ash said then looked at her "That's your name?"

Micka glared at him but before she could say anything "Micka, where are you?"

"The rebels are here!" Ash exclaimed

Micka then used the Force to lift him up in the air. Before he could figure out what happened, she threw him across as he screamed.

"Kanan!" Micka called "An Imperial knows we're here"

"Where is he?" Kanan asked as he followed her voice

"I force-threw him somewhere" Micka answered

Kanan ran to her and sighed once she said that "Go back to the ships" he ordered "You need to help with the supplies. I contiuned scouting"

"Okay" Micka said as she whistled and her nexus followed her back to camp.


Micka got a crate and pushed it towards the Ghost, Sabine took it and put it into the Ghost. Zeb was getting the other crates and made beelines towards the Ghost.

"So you ran into him again?" Ezra asked as he pushed the crate towards Sabine

"I rather not talk about that Imperial Scum" Micka said pushing another levitating crate to Hera, who was helping Sabine.

"Did he found out about the base being here?" Ezra asked

"I don't want to talk about him but that information is important so yes he did" Micka said

"Where is he?" Hera asked

"I used the force and threw him somewhere" Micka said getting onto a crate to get another one.

"Micka, you don't use the Force out of anger and annoyance" Ahsoka said as she walked up to them "its not-"

"The jedi way, I know" Micka finished Ahsoka's sentence.

"So who this person you're talking about?" Ahsoka asked

"It appears Micka met Ash Vance, the nephew of the one of the powerful senators in the Imperial Senate" Hera explained "And he found out about this hidden base so we leave as soon as we get all the supplies in"

Ahsoka sighed "I hope we can get off this planet safety without drawing too much attention"

"We will, master. I'm sure of it" Micka said

Ahsoka looked at Micka with widen eyes once she said that.


Micka pushed the button to levitate the crate and gently pulled it.

"Careful, Micka" Ahsoka said

"Don't worry, Ahsoka" Micka stated "I got it"

But Micka forgot she was standing on another crate as she pulled the one she had, her eyes widen once she took a step but felt nothing. She tried to catch her balance but the crate she was pulling was blocking her. She fell.

Instead of feeling the hard ground, she landed on fur and a squeal. Rebel caught her. She sat off of Rebel and looked down at her, smiling.

"Thanks, girl" she said petting Micka.

Micka sighed before using the Force to get the crate and pushed it towards Hera and Sabine. Ahsoka looked at her padawan before closing her eyes and surrender to the Force to sense everyone's presence, including Kanan's and another presence.

Ahsoka opened to her eyes to find herself staring at the forest. Kanan walked up with a boy.

Here it is! Another chapter!

I wanted to do a Star Wars comic but I’m terrible at drawing togrutas and humans. Trust me, I tried drawing it myself but it was awful. I need help drawing the comic. So if you can help me, that’ll be great.
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